About Datca

The Datça peninsula is a special environmental protection area, which conserves its prominent flora, fauna and biodiversity. The area hosts wild goat, wildcat (caracal), wild boar, bear, turtles, snakes, lots of birds, and many endemic plants, including Datca date palm. The Local History Association in Datca classified around 123 plant species, which makes Datca one of the richest places in the world for indigenous plants, which are often used by the locals in traditional folklore medicine and Datça’s cuisine.

Trips which could be made:
A visit to one of the Greek islands: Kos, Simi or Rhodes.
A day trip to Bodrum from Datca (Kormen Port just nearby the Buddha Guesthouse).
A day trip to Marmaris.
A visit to the ancient city KNIDOS and watch the unique sunset.Different boat excursions to the beautiful coasts of the peninsula.
A visit to “Eski Datca” (old town with beautiful stone houses & lots of artisan shops).
A visit to the antique Kaunos with its rocky burial tombs and the turtle island at Dalyan.
A visit to Bozburun Peninsula, its sleepy villages & small waterfall in Turgut.
Do a honey & almond tasting in the local shops.
Visit the farmers’ fruit & vegetable market in Datca on Saturdays.
Visit the local vineyards and taste their wines.

Famous sports/activities in Datça:
Walking and hiking
Paragliding (Babadag in Fethiye; 3 hours from Datça)


Public transport is limited in Datca.
A car is essential.