The Buddha Guesthouse

The exclusive BUDDHA GUESTHOUSE is located on top of the hill in Datca’s oldest village Resadiye and from the terraces you’re overlooking the breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Greek islands,
and impressive mountains.

About Datça

The Datça peninsula is a special environmental protection area, which conserves its prominent flora, fauna and biodiversity.  The area hosts wild goat, wildcat (caracal), wild boar, bear, turtles, snakes, lots of birds, and many endemic plants, including Datca date palm.

Full Privacy

The guesthouse is ideal for people who enjoy quality of life and like to avoid mass tourism and who prefer a quiet & relaxing holiday surrounded by nature in the Mediterranean region staying at a comfortable & tasteful accommodation with
FULL PRIVACY (no other guests !)


We’re Jose & Hans from The Netherlands. We fell in love with Datca already in 2002, and after discovering this beautiful spot in Resadiye we built our house and the BUDDHA GUESTHOUSE. The properties are located in a 5000sqm private land with old olive & palm trees, fruit trees and a private vineyard as well.
We found peace in this unspoiled, authentic and tranquil village in Datca and enjoy viticulture, winemaking, hiking, cycling and enjoy quality time with family and friends.


We are happy to share our experience and give you tips to discover your paradise in this unspoiled part of the countryside and experience a unique
Mediterranean holiday.